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Maltodextrin is a pure carbohydrate which is fast absorbed and rapidly shuttled to the muscle cells. Ideal for the post-workout window, to bump up your carbs, hit specific macronutrient loads and to support elite level athletic performance. High on the GI scale, easy to add to protein shakes, whey protein, amino acid and BCAA drinks. Can be combined with other carbohydrate supplements including dextrose. Maltodextrin can be consumed as part of a carbohydrate loading strategy in the days and hours prior to training or competition. This strategy helps load muscles with glycogen to ensure they are primed for activity and complements a high carbohydrate diet. Maltodextrin is less sweet and nutritionally balanced.

Mix 1 scoop (50g) with desired amount of cold water or flavoured beverage (adjust amount of liquid to suit your flavour requirements). Consume as required throughout the day. Ideal for use before, during and after exercise or when an energy boost is required.

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