Glutamine Fix


Product Description
Muscle Junkie Glutamine Fix is a commanding anti-catabolic amino acid, and it’s amongst the most prominent in both plasma and cellular fluids. L-Glutamine levels are depleted throughout bone crushing exercises, and remain in heightened demand during the most important salvage growth phase.
Even the most persevering Muscle Junkies are vulnerable to the ravages of muscle destruction, deflated muscle volume, deprived recovery levels and no expansions in muscle volume, with catabolism taking total control. L-Glutamine is vital to amplify immunity, supporting proper digestion, nutrient uptake and pound positive gains.
Supplementing with Muscle Junkie Glutamine Fix during and around your destructive training cycles will help to prevent the anticipated drop in L-Glutamine levels, thereby supporting skin shredding cellular volumisation and supporting potent anti-catabolic growth-factors.

For best results mix one rounded teaspoon (5 g) with cold liquid, one to three times daily. Take one 5 gram serving immediately following your workout, ideally mixed with a carbohydrate/protein shake, such as Muscle Junkie’s Freak. Or use as recommended by your nutritional advisor.

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