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When you need to feed your hibernating muscles with an overdose of protein and calories necessary to awake a true mass beast, there is nothing better than Muscle Junkie Freak Complete All-In-One to reawaken a dormant muscle development state. Muscle Junkie Freak Complete All-In-One has taken mere mortals to FREAK status.
Test Subjects have been inoculated with this All-in-One, 1000 calorie creation, developing monster gains from a 51,9 grams of pro-anabolic protein compound, and saturated with 222,6 grams of insulin brewing carbohydrates for truly terrifying mass gains. Anabolic domination has been driven through the unique inclusion of BCAAs, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine Alpha-KetoGluterate, and Calcium HMB for an ultra-hyperbolic growth state. Creatine Monohydrate ensures total muscle saturation and enhanced ATP production, with Tribulus Terrestris stimulating aggressive testosterone peaks to certify lab proven muscle gains.

The recommended dose for seriously hardcore underground muscle junkies is four (4) level scoops (approx 200 g) of Freak with 500 to 600 ml cold water or fat free milk. Mix in a blender or shaker for 45-60 seconds and consume. Serving size and the amount of cold water or fat free milk used can be adjusted to individual requirements as well as your taste and consistency preferences.
Suggested Muscle Junkie Usage For Freaky Gains:
Consume one serving immediately after slaughtering the iron and one serving before bed. Additional servings can be added between meals if required.

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