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NutriTech’s Ecdysterone has been specifically formulated to increase nitrogen retention and boost protein synthesis at a cellular level. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you use this product in conjunction with NutriTech 100% Pure Whey or NutriTech Anabolic Mass Builder in order to increase your daily dietary intake of protein. Through extensive research and testing it has been found that increased nitrogen retention, through the use of Ecdysterone, together with resistance training will stimulate muscle growth and burn fat up to 20 times more effectively than without ecdysterone supplementation. Using Ecdysterone on a regular basis can help to promote lean body mass, enhance endurance, speed up your metabolism and red blood cell production, and maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Take two capsules, two to three times a day with a protein rich meal, for best results take with NutriTech’s 100% Pure Whey Protein or Anabolic Mass Builder.

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